Dirty Bit X


Extremely funny revision of the classic Pong


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Dirty Bit X is a mix of the classic Pong and the mythical arcade Windjammers.

The way you play is very similar to Pong, although this time you can move to the front and back too. In addition, you can press the power button when you touch the ball to launch it faster.

Each time we do this, we'll load the power bar a bit, and when it's full we'll be able to launch a special fire.

Choose the character you like the most: a fast but fragile girl, a big and strong man or a man of medium strength and medium agility.

During the game, the only difference in them will be the thickness of the sbar.

Dirty Bit X includes two game modes: Vs the computer and Vs other player using the same computer. Althoug the first game mode can be funny, the really funny way to play Dirty Bit X is against your friend to view his face when you win him.
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